Q. What is a 613 Contemporaneous Notice Letter?

The FCRA requires Consumer Reporting Agencies, like ClearChecks, to follow certain procedures when public or criminal records are found that may be adverse to the applicant. Per Section 613 of the FCRA we must inform the applicant via a 613 Contemporaneous Notice that records were found that could be adverse to their employment.

When a ClearHire National database search returns records, we send the email notice below to the applicant.

We always ask employers reviewing records to make sure they look closely at the records full name, date of birth, and any other identifying information that matches the applicant.

If any records do not look accurate and you may take adverse action, you must submit a "Pre-Adverse Notice". This allows the applicant to quickly review the background check report, and resolve any concerns about the records. ClearChecks will then investigate the dispute, and issue a corrected report if necessary. Learn more about Pre-Adverse and Final Adverse Notices here.

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If you have any further questions, reach out to our support team, and they can answer specific questions about our background check reports.

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