ClearChecks Services Update: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Services Update

March 16, 2020

Given these uncertain times, we want to update our customers on status of our business and background verification services.

COVID-19 is causing large disruptions in the workplace, remote work, and challenges for HR and small business owners everywhere. Every department at ClearChecks is fully operational and ready to provide you with support to maintain your business and onboard employees.

Many of our background screening functions and systems rely on databases and digital connections to government services. For SSN & address history, National Criminal searches, Sex Offender, Watchlists, Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs), Education verifications are services that should not be impacted, as these are near real-time.

However, some services like County-level criminal searches can be a manual process and may be impacted depending on the source of the records. Some counties have digital systems, while others require manual searches in government buildings or courthouses. Some regions have already closed or limited access to courthouses and administrative government offices, and this trend may continue. We will do our best to turn around searches as quickly as possible.

Below is a summary of the ClearChecks reports and any impact to access or turnaround times.

SSN & Address Verifications – Real-time. No impact.

National Criminal searches – Real-time. No impact.

County Criminal Searches – Most all counties back to reporting on-time.

Sex Offender Registries – Real-time. No impact.

Global Watchlist Screenings – Real-time. No impact.

Drug Testing – We use LabCorp nationally for drug testing. Call to ensure the facility is open and taking employment drug tests: Consider precautions when sending employees to visit labs and the potential exposure in your region. Some drug test results may be delayed.

Motor Vehicle Records – Most states are real-time. No impact.

Education Verifications – Most universities real-time. No impact.

Employment Verifications – Some corporate and large employers verify in real-time. Small employers depend on availability of HR staff and answering phones.

Our support team is committed to answering your questions and helping you navigate these challenging issues. You can contact them anytime via email or phone support during business hours.

We will continue to post updates. In the mean time, we hope you and your employees stay safe.