Congrats Citadel ID!

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TechCrunch officially announced Citadel ID has raised $3.5M. We at ClearChecks could not be happier to see the investment community recognize what we saw during Citadel’s business formation phase. ClearChecks was Citadel’s first strategic partner and customer. We look forward to being a valuable partner in the development of new ideas, technology, and efficiency in the verification space.

We want to thank the team at Citadel ID for pushing the envelope in what is possible in our industry. A huge congratulations to the team. Keep shipping!

Citadel ID’s service allows regular folks to provide access to their employment data to others, allowing for the verification of their income (a rental group, perhaps), or employment (Carta, perhaps) quickly.

Citadel ID raises $3.5M for API-delivered income and employment verificationAlex Wilhelm