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The Smart Way to Screen Employees

Streamline background checks, verifications, and drug testing for any-size business

Simple Workflow

No more data entry, paper forms, and emails.

We automate collecting applicant's data, disclosures, checks, and send you alerts.

Secure Data

Stop collecting Social Security Numbers (SSN) & Personal Identifiable Information (PII) on paper, faxes, or email.

We secure your data with bank-grade encryption.

Transparent Pricing

We keep it simple with no setup fees, no contracts, and only pay per report. Also, ask about our volume discounts.

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FCRA Compliance

The FCRA law requires employers to follow certain procedures with consent, adverse event notices, and disputes. We've got you covered!

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Background Checks & Drug Testing

We offer various background checks with add-on reports to meet your requirements.

SSN Trace & Address History

Verify Social Security Number with names, aliases, date of birth, and address history.

Sexual Offender Registries

Scan national and state sex-offender databases to ensure your employees are not registered offenders.

Motor Vehicle & Driving Records

Check drivers license and motor vehicle records including status, class type, points, and all violations.

Education Degree Verifications

Verify education degree or certification from over 5,300 universities, colleges, junior colleges, and trade schools in the US.

Drug Testing by LabCorp™

In partnership with LabCorp™, we have over 2000+ facilities nationwide to screen for drugs.

National Criminal Records

National criminal multi-jurisdictional search across court and correctional records for inmates, probation, parolees, arrests, and warrants.

County, Statewide, & Federal Criminal Search

The most accurate manual in-person search of criminal court records available for all jurisdictions in the United States.

Watch List & Compliance Screening

Detect risky or sanctioned individuals from Federal and International agencies such as FBI, terrorist watch lists, OFAC, INTERPOL, and OIG sanction list.

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Employment Verifications

Verify a candidate's resume with employment history, dates employed, and job title- many instantly!

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Request a Background Check with One-Click

All you need is an email address. We take care of the rest.


Choose a Report

We offer multiple background checks and packages for different industries and needs.

Choose the option that best fits your needs


Enter Email Addresses

It's that's simple! We'll send them a link to complete the application and enter their personal information, safely and securely.


Create Your Account

After you place an order, you'll set your password and login to your account and dashboard. You can order more reports and track the status of current orders.


View Reports

All your applicants and reports are in your dashboard. Most are instant once the applicant fills out their information. If the report is delayed, you'll get an email alert when the report is ready.


Speed, Transparency, & Accuracy

Our industry leading technology allows some of the fastest turnaround time benchmarks in the industry.

All records are reviewed by a skilled team of court researchers for quality assurance. We follow industry best practices and standards set by consumer reporting regulations, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Professional Background Screening Association accreditation standards.

Current Turnaround Times (average)

SSN & National Criminal


County Criminal Search


Federal Criminal


Bankruptcies, Liens, Judgments


Motor Vehicle Report


Education Verification


Employment Verification


Drug Testing


Automated Alerts & Tracking

ClearChecks is designed with an automated workflow to save you time

Our platform automatically handles the background screening process making it simple to manage. Since our reports only require an email address to get started, we take over and handle everything from there.

Track applicant email opens & clicks

Get notifications about report status

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FCRA & State Compliance
Digital signatures & disclosures

Our platform automatically handles the background screening process making it simple to manage. Since our reports only require an email address to get started, we take over and handle everything from there.

Learn more about the FCRA & State compliance

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PBSA & BBB Accreditation

ClearChecks is a member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA®) and achieved accreditation status by passing a rigorous audit which evaluates high standards in our screening and operational processes, FCRA compliance, and information security.

Drata tests ClearChecks's security and IT infrastructure daily to ensure the company maintains a strong security posture, as defined by industry-standard security standards.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB®) issued ClearChecks accreditation and awarded an A rating for top customer support.

Professional Background Screening PBSA (NABPS) Member SOC2 y Drata Better Business Bureau Accredited

"Lions Choice selected ClearChecks to expand and growing with their team ever since!"

Annette, Human Resources
Lions Choice, Inc.

Trusted by 1000s of Employers

ClearChecks is a trusted partner for large corporations, small businesses, and startups.
Anywhere from 1 or 100,000 employees, we can handle your background screening needs.

Employment Backgrounds


Make hiring and screening potential employees easier with our simple workflow and reporting tools.

Where do I get a background check?

Small Business

Easy-to-use pre-employment background checks. We help you maintain FCRA compliance and securely collect and store your applicant's data.

Staffing Background Checks

Recruiters & Staffing

Add services and additional revenue by screening placement candidates for your clients. Managing applicants and invoices are a breeze.

Uber and Amazon Drivers

Drivers & Delivery

Hire delivery drivers and screen on-demand ride sharing contractors. We offer a full MVR & driving records in all 50 states.

Hourly Workers

Services & Trades

Keep your customers safe. Screen in-home service employees, such as plumbers, electricians, pool cleaners, landscapers, and more.

Babysitter Background Check

Child Care & Babysitters

Make sure you know who is watching your children. Run a legal criminal background check that includes sex crimes and sex offender status.

Retail Background

Retail & Hospitality

Manage both full-time and part-time retail & hospitality employees. We offer an option to include drug testing, available nationwide, with any report.

Nursing Home Staff

Hospice & Assisted Living

As you provide care for loved ones and handle medication, ensure your attendants are clear of criminal records and screened for drug abuse.

Cannabis Criminal Checks


Screening employees in regulated industries like cannabis is critical to mitigate loss of inventory and maintaining state licenses.


API & Integrations

A modern API to integrate background screening

Looking to integrate an ATS / HCM platform, or internal system or apps? No problem. View our API documentation and guides or play in our sandbox to get started testing an integration today!

ATS & HCM Integrations


No-Code Widget Integrations


View Developer Guide & Docs

Contact our partnership team to learn more about our Developer API

We developers!

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Our Core Values

We understand the importance and impact of our work. Our core values drive our daily decisions in our product, technology, and client support.


Whether it is pricing, products or process, you’ll get a straight answer with no games or gimmicks. Our customer service will provide clear and concise answers to complicated issues in terms you understand. We strive to never leave applicants or customers guessing.

Fairness & Integrity

As a Consumer Reporting Agency, our obligation is to truth. We take pride in getting reports right. This promotes fairness in the hiring process and integrity in our products and platform. With laser focus on fairness and integrity, it allows ClearChecks to be neutral arbiters of fact.


Whether it is our workforce, our customers or your applicants, promoting an environment of empathy is mission critical. Consumer reports can be uncomfortable to discuss. Our team is experienced in handling sensitive conversations with employers and applicants in a manner that promotes empathy, understanding and trust.

Exceed Expectations

Employers have a plethora of choices at their fingerprints. The global, digital economy has brought cutthroat competition to every industry. Employment screening is no different. We take pride in exceeding customer expectations in operational efficiency, cost and compliance.


At the end of the day, you put your trust in ClearChecks. We value that trust and will work hard for you, every day, every report, every email and every call. We own our product and technology and will deliver quality solutions we stand behind. If there is an issue, allow our Customer Service team to make it right.


While employment screening is necessary, it does not have to be complicated or boring. ClearChecks is determined to bring pre-employment screening into the 21st century through easy on-boarding, an all electronic employer/applicant process, data encryption, a forward thinking dashboard, modern, easy to understand reports and a world-class REST API. Whether you are a mom & pop shop or a Fortune 500, we guarantee our technology will bring operational efficiency, cost savings and enhanced compliance.

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