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What Makes ClearChecks Better?

  • ClearChecks maintains a flexible, pay-as-you-go model with no contracts or setup fees, contrasting with contractual obligations introduced following Checkr’s acquisition of GoodHire.
  • We offer instant account setup and robust self-check capabilities, ensuring streamlined onboarding and a user-friendly experience.
  • We provide an individual self-check service, empowering users to initiate and share their own background checks—a feature no longer offered by GoodHire following its acquisition by Checkr.
  • We facilitate a seamless integration experience, allowing businesses to effortlessly incorporate background screening capabilities into their existing workflows and systems.
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Why businesses choose ClearChecks over Certn

No Long-Term Commitments

Enjoy the freedom of a contract-free service with ClearChecks. We believe in flexibility and transparency, allowing you to use our services without being tied down by lengthy contracts. This approach gives you the agility to scale your background screening needs according to your business requirements, without the constraints of long-term commitments.

Seamless Onboarding Experience

ClearChecks facilitates efficient onboarding through a user-friendly interface that guides users seamlessly from account creation to initiating background checks. Our platform empowers individuals to begin the screening process instantly, eliminating the need for external services.

Scalable Volume Discounts

ClearChecks offers volume discounts that provide cost savings to customers ordering background checks at scale. Our tiered pricing model ensures affordability for customers, reflecting our commitment to delivering solutions that meet diverse business needs.

ClearChecks Connect Integration Feature

ClearChecks Connect revolutionizes background screening integration with a low-code approach tailored for applications. For platforms aiming to enhance services, our solution enables seamless customer account creation directly within your application. We ensure a cohesive user experience by utilizing our secure widget without redirection to different interfaces or pages.

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