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Clearchecks offers a comprehensive County Criminal Search product. Leveraging data from the National Criminal Search, ClearChecks has access to 100% of counties across the United State, ensuring extensive coverage of over 3,000 counties. We conduct research across various county court systems to confirm and match records with the provided PII. Subsequently, each record undergoes meticulous review by our team to determine reportability, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability. Each court may have different processes for record storage and request handling; some provide immediate access through public kiosks, while others require clerk assistance, potentially causing delays.

Turnaround time may vary depending on the jurisdiction being searched. Some County Criminal searches may complete within 24-hours in jurisdictions with immediate access while clerk-assisted jurisdictions may take up to 3-5 business days. Our screening process strictly follows FCRA guidelines to maintain legal compliance. With ClearChecks, you can trust that you will receive a comprehensive background screening that enhances workplace safety, mitigates risks, and ensures regulatory compliance. 

Highlight Benefits 

  • Complete National Coverage: Access to county source-level records to 100% of counties nationwide.

  • Industry Expertise: Our dedicated team is committed to delivering reliable and accurate record data to support informed hiring decisions.  

  • Trusted Adjudication: Each record is carefully adjudicated to distinguish reportable from non-reportable offenses.  

  • Solutions for Every Industry: ClearChecks’ County Criminal Search is trusted across a range of sectors including healthcare, staffing agencies, retail and more.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the average turnaround time for a County Criminal Search?

Jurisdictions with immediate access: within 24hrs

Jurisdictions requiring clerk-assistance: 3-5 business days
(courthouses are closed for weekends and holidays)

What information is included in a County Criminal Search? 

 Charge type, case number, disposition, sentencing information and other relevant details provided from the courthouse record 

What states limit reporting of a criminal conviction to 7-years?


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