Federal Criminal Search

Federal Criminal PACER Search

A Federal Criminal search identifies serious crimes found in federal records. These records encompass a wide range of felonies such as fraud, embezzlement, hijacking, kidnapping, bank robbery, child pornography, identity theft, computer crimes, hate crimes and more. The Federal Criminal search is conducted across all 94 US District Courts nationwide. Federal records are not found in a County Criminal Search or National Criminal search because they are adjudicated in US District Courts which operate independently from county jurisdictions and their databases. 

Verifying federal records and processing common names can be challenging due to incomplete or insufficient PII in PACER. To overcome the PII limitations, we have a team of experienced and sophisticated investigators that can identify information needed for reportable findings. Our team thoroughly parses through docket details and actively engages with the courts to acquire identifiers necessary for accurate record matching. We use a multitude of internal cross-reference tools to supplement a Federal Criminal search, ensuring a thorough investigation that is FCRA compliant.  

Highlighted Benefits

  • Comprehensive Coverage: All 94 US District Courts are searched nationwide.  

  • Expert Investigation: Skilled investigators ensure accurate record matching and compliance with FCRA standards. 

  • Sophisticated Tools: Utilize internal cross-reference tools for enhanced accuracy and reliability.

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