We build technology to make screening simple.

We are rethinking how onboarding new employees is done. We empower our customers and their employees to reduce the time and cost in the background screening process.

We are distributed.

Starting shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the United States, we quickly had to adapt. After signing a lease on an office building, it now sat empty for months - even to this day! However, we never stopped working, building, and expanding our team across the country. We used tools to collaborate faster, and made our team stronger and hyper-focused on our goals and values. In the last 2 years, we have grown and hired employees across all time zones to better serve our customers, and empower us to hire the best talent.

We are diverse.

Our company is a reflection of our customers. We serve entrepreneurs, small business owners, and large corporations all over the United States. Our diversity is a result of hiring the best team- period. We span the country, coming from different backgrounds, work experiences, personal interests, and hobbies. We believe the diversity of our team is core to our strength, and gives us a unique advantage over our competition.

We are dedicated.

We wake up every day trying to make the best software to onboard and screen employees. We understand is our responsibility to treat your applicants just as you would. We are an extension of your brand and want to make a excellent first impression. We aim to make the screening process fast efficient, and painless leveraging modern technology and our unparalleled customer support.


Our Customer-First Principals


Background screening can be complicated. Whether it is pricing, products or process, you’ll get a straight answer. Our customer service will provide clear and concise answers to these issues and never leave our customers or applicants guessing.

Fairness & Integrity

As a Consumer Reporting Agency, our obligation is to truth. We take pride in getting reports right. This promotes fairness in the hiring process and integrity in our products and platform. With laser focus on fairness and integrity, it allows ClearChecks to be neutral arbiters of fact.


Whether it is our workforce, our customers or your applicants, promoting an environment of empathy is mission critical. Consumer reports can be uncomfortable to discuss. Our team is experienced in handling sensitive conversations with employers and applicants in a manner that promotes empathy, understanding and trust.

Exceed Expectations

Employers have a plethora of choices at their fingerprints. The global, digital economy has brought cutthroat competition to every industry. Employment screening is no different. We take pride in exceeding customer expectations in operational efficiency, cost and compliance.


You put your trust in ClearChecks. We value that trust and will work hard for you, every day, every report, every email and every call. We own our product and technology and will deliver quality solutions we stand behind. If there is an issue, allow our Customer Service team to make it right.


While employment screening is necessary, it does not have to be complicated or boring. ClearChecks is determined to bring pre-employment screening into the 21st century through easy on-boarding, an all electronic employer/applicant process, data encryption, a forward thinking dashboard, modern, easy to understand reports and a world-class REST API. Whether you are a mom & pop shop or a Fortune 500, we guarantee our technology will bring operational efficiency, cost savings and enhanced compliance.

Want to Work with Us?

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