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Below are some common questions we get from ClearChecks customers. If this doesn't answer your question, feel free to contact our team.

The turnaround time depends on what type of background check you ordered.

Each section of the background check will be available to view as it's completed, except in some jurisdictions like New York City where you must wait for entire report to be complete.

National Criminal, Federal Criminal, and Bankruptcies Liens and Judgements are usually same day turnaround.

County Criminal searches are directly sourced, and the timing depends on the state and county ordered. Some county jurisdictions have good technology, which allows our team to get results quickly, while others can be slower and require a manual process.

In your dashboard you will see the check marked in-progress. Complete checks will be marked "clear" or "review".

All criminal records released are manually reviewed by our FCRA and PBSA certified court research team.

Education verifications are typically verified same day if they participate in the National Student Clearinghouse database.

Employment verifications can depend on the method your applicant used when filling our their background check. If your applicant used a payroll login, document upload, or their employer participates in The Work Number database through Equifax, results will returned be same day. For employers we have to manually contact, this can take a little bit longer and expect a couple days.

Motor vehicle driving records, all states are same day. However, if it's your first time ordering in Pennsylvania and Utah, those states require an access code which you only need to setup once. Then, all checks ordered after that are instantly delivered.

Drug testing typically reports within 48-72 hours of your applicant visiting a lab. When an applicant completes their background check, we email instructions and locations on how and where to complete a drug test.

More details on this question can be found here in our help center

ClearHire is a National Criminal database-level search. It searches multiple jurisdictions across the US including watchlists like FBI Most Wanted, Sex Offender, Terrorist Watchlists, OFAC, OIG sanction, exclusion lists, and more. You can see a full list of every jurisdiction searched on the order page.

ClearHire Complete searches all databases included above, but also does a source level check at the county jurisdiction. We will search all county jurisdictions your applicant has lived in for the last 7-years based on their SSN address trace. This is the most complete and accurate criminal search you can order. With both types of criminal checks, all records and findings are manually reviewed by our FCRA and PBSA certified court research team.

No. We do not charge any fees to create an account. Our API is also free. You pay-as-you-go when you order.

We only need the applicant's email address to get started.

We reach out to them and collect all required information to complete the background check. It's that easy!

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