Our Values-Part 1: Transparency

February 8th, 2021

Background checks and health insurance are similar in that the intention, at its core, is to help maintain and foster a safe, healthy work environment. Unfortunately, both products tend to carry the same negative reputation: complicated products and pricing. There is a wide range of products and pricing options available when it comes to background checks. Background checking can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. That’s why ClearChecks insists on Transparency in both pricing at turnaround times. 

When you make your first purchase with ClearChecks, we make product descriptions and pricing plain and obvious. As you can see below, we provide a side-by-side-by-side comparison of the three criminal background check options. These act as the base layer of the report building process. Certain counties in the country carry surcharges. We do not hide this fact like many competitors. We offer up a pop-up link to disclose all 50 states with over 3,000 counties and their related surcharges (if applicable) and their approximate turnaround times. 

We also offer a host of premium add-ons to the base criminal report. As you can see below, we also disclose any and all additional fees that may apply. From a technology standpoint, this is not difficult. Transparency is simple! When you are not offered this level of transparency in pricing, ask yourself why. If it’s technically easy AND the right thing to do, why isn’t everyone doing this? 

We also give you transparency into your background check orders from start to finish, with easy access to the results from any connected device. 82% of hiring executives see candidate experience as important.” Our platform is heavily dependent on email for this very reason. Make the application phase easy! From a tracking standpoint, this is phenomenal for ClearChecks, but also for you! Because email delivery and email post-delivery can be easily tracked, you always have real-time access into the status of the online application required to be completed by your potential new-hire. Below are the different status’ employed by ClearChecks:

  • Invalid Email – the email bounced when attempting to deliver (you can easily and instantly update!)

  • Delivered – woohoo! 

  • Opened – email was successfully delivered and the candidate opened the email 

  • Clicked – the email was delivered, opened and the background check application was Clicked but was not submitted to ClearChecks

  • In-Progress – depending on the products purchased, we will provide insight into what products are still pending: Employment, MVR, Education, Drug Testing, County search

  • View Report – It’s done! Check it out! 

According to a CareerBuilder survey, 81% of candidates say that the one main thing that would greatly improve their overall candidate experience is employers continuously communicating status updates to them.” ClearChecks does not want you to fall short on this aspect of the hiring process. This is precisely why we demand our technology surface every available update to you so your order does not disappear into a black box. Transparency requires bright lights. The forecast with ClearChecks is always bright, beautiful sunshine. 

“Transparency translates to faster, more accurate hires and an improved employer brand for when a new hiring cycle begins.”

– Rob de Luca – BambooHR https://www.glassdoor.com/employers/blog/transparency-in-the-workplace/ 

ClearChecks is changing the way background checks are done. With the cost of basic background checks and maybe an add-on or two, often running $150 – $200 plus setup fees, many employers can’t afford to do a comprehensive background check. ClearChecks pricing (starting at just $19.99) allows companies to perform a basic criminal check for their candidates in under 15 minutes or a robust, comprehensive county criminal check with a handful of premium add-ons for under $100. Oh yeah, we never have contracts, sign-up fees, initiation fees, or monthly fees. We only charge for the cost of the individual reports. 

As a fail-safe to the product and pricing transparency we promise, let our Customer Support team help alleviate any ambiguity, frustration, or concern you may have with our services. Our team is only as successful as your happiness with our platform. Our team will provide you with world-class support via a channel of your preference. Would you like to hear the sound of our voice? Give us a call. 1-800-942-1366. Prefer a quick chat with one of our REAL agents? There is a chat button in the lower right of your account. How about traditional email? Yeah, we still do that too…with a real person, not an email bot. We also have an ever-growing Help Center designed to pin-point common issues with pointed, direct, helpful solutions. 

Transparency should not be difficult. We strive to improve upon the new standard we are trying to set for our industry. Customer satisfaction requires a number of different factors in a sales-cycle to be truly effective. We promise transparency in every facet of your experience with us. Our values are critical to our success, and yours. You entrust us with a critical role in your business’ hiring process. We do not take that responsibility lightly.