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Verification Roadblocks – Los Angeles, CA

Benefits of utilizing a PBSA Accredited background screener, include, but are not limited to, understanding and following laws (local, state, and federal), and compliance management.  We receive questions all the time from customers stating, “you reported no findings when I know my candidate has a felony/misdemeanor!”...

Connecticut – Marijuana & the Workplace

Connecticut has become the 19th state to adopt a law legalizing the recreational use of marijuana and puts into place regulations for the use, sale, and cultivation of marijuana throughout the state.  What does this mean for employers?

New York City Fair Chance Act as Key Amendments Take Effect

On July 15, 2021, the New York City Commission on Human Rights (the “NYCCHR” or “Commission”) issued its highly anticipated updated Legal Enforcement Guidance on the Fair Chance Act and Employment Discrimination. The 28-page Guidance clarifies and interprets key amendments to the New York City Fair Chance Act (FCA), which take effect on July 29, 2021.1 These amendments implement, among other things, (1) significant changes to the process by which an employer hiring or employing workers in New York City may take into account the criminal history of an applicant for employment; (2) a new requirement of an individualized assessment process for consideration of pending criminal arrests and charges, and for criminal convictions of current employees, and (3) a strict prohibition on the consideration of various types of “non-convictions” in employment decisions.